PLEG elevates your business to the next level.

PLEG is a design studio lead by Florian Brillet



Ligne Roset, Cinna trust our knowledge to put on the market cutting edge products. With a focus on lighting and furniture, PLEG assist your business in product development. 


From Paris to Hong Kong we assist our client to deliver high-end customer experiences and provide a wild range of services from bespoke design to project management.



We collaborate with artists to develop unique and stunning projects like bespoke light church or urban furniture.

MUJI chose PLEG for the first European Flagship   


The new European flagship store is located in Forum des Halles Paris with a surface area of 900 m². PLEG is involved in MUJI development for more than 5 years and has been in charge of the local deployment. MUJI Flagship proposes all the Muji classic products and for the first time in Europe a range of products such as Muji Found and Muji kids. MUJI was born in Japan in the early 1980s, based on a philosophy positioned between the nascent luxury market in Japan and the daily cheap products. The word MUJI translated into Japanese is “Mujirushi Ryohin,” which means “no brand, quality goods.”
This project has been done in partnership with Gilles Poirée and Roberto Murgia.



An invitation to dine outside


Approached by Ligne Roset to design a garden lamp, Florian Brillet created a portable lamp to hang on tree branches. "The choice of portable lamp is quite pragmatic as it is the most adaptable to all situations. It can be hung, held or moved to where it is required. Under My Tree is an invitation to dine outside, an object conducive to conviviality " 

Photo: courtesy of Cinna

Photo: courtesy of Cinna

A contemporary interpretation of traditional techniques


The sculpture evokes the inherent spirituality of a place of worship by the representation of the geometric natural order.The structural design is a contemporary three-dimensional interpretation of techniques used in traditional sacred architecture, where the supporting structure is detailed both functionally and aesthetically, to be sublimated until becoming expressive and meaningful. In this way, envelope and structure are united in a complex, but regular geometry. This project has been done in partnership with David Letellier



The first retail concept focused on triathlon


Triathlon store is a new retail concept dedicated to the practices of swimming, cycling and running. Triathlon store is designed as a locker room, encircled by a set of hooks placed at four levels and every 50cm. This framework can incorporate shelves, display cabinets, tables; accommodating a wide variety of products.The project was developed as a modular system and enables reconfiguration of the shop according to highlights of the triathlon season.



MUJI at the heart of Lyon Confluence 


This shop is located in Lyon Confluence shopping center. It is one of the rare MUJI shop outside Paris. MUJI offers a minimal, simplistic alternative to the dominant culture of brand and logo consumption. MUJI products are designed in compliance with a strict concept, which has been unchanged since its inception: a clean, functional design which eliminates any unnecessary decoration or packaging; basic and neutral colors that blend in every environment; a good quality / price balance and complete ranges to match the needs of all aspects of daily life. The value of a product is in the product design itself, not in the name of its designer..



Urban furniture for JCDecaux


Exercising in an urban setting is not only a way to keep fit or to train to improve performance, but it also stimulates the imagination, transforming the city into a huge playground. Mens Sana In Corpore Sano is based both on a physical and intellectual understanding of sport in the city. By adding pieces of sports equipment to sign posts, the project establishes not a discrete traditional fitness trail but enables each journey to be transformed into a fitness trail. This series of interventions aim to transform the use and perception of the city.  From the most common (basketball, football) to the surprising (boxing, golf) the choice of the activities is significant. Their presence suggests an unexpected use of space, inviting people to reconsider their relationship with the built environment. The interventions are fully functional equipment and also art installations, addressing both the body and the mind. Mens Sana In Corpore Sano is urban furniture that seeks to convene curiosity, to be fun and to instigate critical distance that exalts the body's engagement with the urban realm. This project has been done in partnership with Nicolas Lelièvre for Forme Publique Biennale du mobilier urbain.